Homemade Appalachian Trail Granola! Total Noms.


For those of you that know me (particularity those who have lived with me) know that my cooking skills are…well….they don’t exist. I have set off the fire alarm just trying to boil water more times than I count. I love burnt food, only because that is really all I can make. Anyway! At camp for some of our bigger trips we would have granola made for us, or make it on trail, and it was always mind blowingly delicious. It was hearty, filling, and yummy. Soooooo I have attempted to whip up a granola to bring on trail. AND IT WORKED. I will wait for the applause and standing ovation. 


Did you applaud?

Perfect. Anyways I just quickly wanted to post the recipe on here if anyone is interested (also I was too lazy to write it down so I can look up the recipe here. Win win)!


4 C oats

1 1/2 C Sliced or slivered almonds

1 C Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds

1/2 C Pepitas seeds

1/2 C Soynuts

1/2 Salted sunflower seeds

1/2 C Chia Seeds 

1 C Chopped walnuts

1 C Dried Cherries

1 C Dried Mangos

1 C Dried Bananas

1C Dried Blueberries

1 C Dried Cranberries

1 C  Dried Apples (torn into smaller pieces)



1 1/2 C Pure Maple Syrup

1 1/2 C Honey

4 Tbs Butter 

2 tps Cinnamon

1 tps Salt


1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.) In a bowl mix all dry ingredients

3.) In a sepereate bowl mix all fruits

4.) In a pot over medium heat whisk all syrup ingredients. Whisk until well blended and the mixtures starts to bubble.

5.) Pour 1/4 into the bowl with your dry oat mixture and stir. Repeat until syrup is gone and all oats are coated.

6.) Pour granola mixture on to greased cookie sheets. Cook for 10 minutes. Remove and stir. Cook for another 10 minutes.

7.) While the granola is still warm and gooey, mix the fruit in! Let it cool and BOOM! DONE!




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