New Features! Holla!


Just a quick update: I added 2 brand spankin new pages to the blog! “Where She At?” Will show you where on the AT I am via my spot messenger. Just click on Rachel O and it’ll show you where I am. The little messages are pre made messages I can directly send to my fam to let them know I’m alive. I also put my daily mileage and the total mileage I’ve hiked so far.

“Mail drops” is where I’ll put the addresses to the next places I’ll be stoping if anyone ever wanted to send me something (I’m craving beef jerky hint hint 😉 ). Just make sure you copy the addresses exactly and put my last name on every side of the box/letter. Priority mail is recommended. Id love to hear from you and you would totally get a postcard back! Whoop!

Thanks everyone!! ❤️


6 thoughts on “New Features! Holla!

  1. Enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pics. I hope to follow you all the way to Katahdin! Wishing you trail magic, beautiful weather, and making many friends along the way.

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